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Short Course 13 Years & Under Mini Meet 




Conditions of Entry

1. Meet conducted under the rules of SNSW Ltd & is an approved Meet.

2. All Events are Timed Finals.

3. Entries via Swim Central.

4. Entry Fees: $9.50 per event. (This includes the $1.50 meet levy) SNSW refund policy applies

5. Entries Close: 24th of April, 2024 - when timeline met (6 hours).

6. No Late Entries will be accepted.

7. Age as at 5th of May, 2024

8. Multi Class events will be medalled 1,2,3

9. 25m events will be medalled as 5 & under, 6yrs & 7yrs

10. 50m & 100m events will be medalled as 8 & under, 9yrs, 10yrs, 11yrs, 12yrs & 13yrs

11. 100m medley event will be medalled as 7yrs, 8yrs, 9yrs & 10yrs

12. 200m medley event will be medalled as 10yrs, 11yrs, 12yrs & 13yrs

13. Swimmers entering 25m events may not enter the 50m and 100m events of the same stroke.

14. Swimmers can only enter one Individual Medley event - Not both

15. The Meet Director reserves the right to amend the program & conditions of entry.

16. All Enquiries: Belinda

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