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Over the course of the year, the club attends a number of external meets to provide an opportunity for our swimmers to compete against other swimmers.

Swimming Metro North West - Area Competition

Norwest Swimming Club is part of the Swimming Metro North West (SMNW) area which comprises of a number of swimming clubs across the district. SMNW operate a number of meets throughout the year across both the long course and short course seasons and Norwest Swimming Club regularly participates in these events. 


Norwest Swimming Club also competes in metropolitan meets which are run by Swimming NSW. These events include the entire greater Sydney area and provide a greater challenge for our swimmers. Quite often, a qualifying time is required to participate in these events.


For our more experienced swimmers, Swimming NSW host State Championships, where swimmers from all over NSW come together to compete in long course, short course, open water and open meets. Qualifying times are applicable in order to participate in these events.


Swimming Australia hold national age and open championship events each year across the long course, short course and open water disciplines. These events are extremely competitive and are for our most experienced swimmers who are achieving the applicable qualifying times. 

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